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The 21st Century CLIL Resource Pack (A1-B1) – Coursebook

Tituly pre učiteľov

ISBN: 978-3-12-501507-4 | EAN: 9783125015074

Engaging topic-based CLIL materials for the primary and lower secondary syllabus

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Engaging topic-based materials for the primary and lower secondary syllabus:

  • 100+ audios and many songs
  • photo bank with 400+ pictures
  • activity sheets for every lesson

This comprehensive 21st Century CLIL Resource Pack is designed to introduce new topics in a CLIL context using a cross-curricular approach while integrating the language and revising vocabulary or structures at the given language level.
All resources focus on talking about topics, with Speaking and Listening skills the focal point of the activities.
The materials reference back to the Cambridge Young Learners examinationsStarters, Movers and Flyers.
The topics covered in the 21st Century CLIL Resource Pack are intended to extend the vocabulary and communicative proficiency of primary and lower secondary learners.The topic sinclude geography, literature, history, music, science, art, mathematics, drama, citizenship and physical education.
The language used in the topics is repeated in various ways and in different contexts throughout the units. Every lesson in each unit is graded according to the level of the Cambridge YLE syllabus. The teacher can select the topic according to the suitability of the language leveland topic for their class.

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